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Compute Skills would like to welcome you to our Learning website, the home of applications for learning.  

Learn about the principles of our learning apps  and how these child-centred, multi-sensory approaches make learning effective, fun and easy for children from nursery, kindergarten to primary level in Ghana and all over the world.

Discover  our leading step by step applications which are used in some schools in Ghana. The applications teaches numbers, alphabets in phonics, colours, two, three, four letter words, spellings in our products section. Find clear detailed information on all our products, including which items can be used at school or in the home, demos of our software.

Start your child’s acadamic journey in identifying colours, numbers, phonics, spellings etc. with our interactive educational apps. Aged 2+, this exciting app provides children with a solid foundation of all they need in both their early childhood and primary.

We hope the immense research done before developing this applications will lead to the Ghana Education Service to consider it as a medium (teaching aid) in the Ghanaian basic & primary school curriculum.
For it to be a house hold application. To enable children use their time effective both in school and their free time.

  • Systematic teaching of Mathematics, English and Creativity (writing & drawing) across the school years
  • Child centered effective and interactive teaching with much fun
  • Teaching Ghanain children songs
  • Continues to revise and extend children’s language, maths & creative skills
  • Flexible and easy to implement in your school
  • Independent research supports the outstanding results hoping to achieve in Ghana and around the world.
  • Developed by teachers and for children & teachers