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This Draw or write apps provides possibilities for your child to draw, write letters, spell words, write numbers, shade colours, trace & more.

Let your child be creative by using this app paint & shade. As the child can shade, paint & draw any idea he/ she have. This practice will enable your child to realise the idea which can lead to solve a problem.

This app provides possibilities for your child to take photo, shade either on the photo, draw basic shapes, write alphabets & more.

This app teaches children how to write (spell) correctly the primary & secondary colours. If the spellings is written correctly and indication correct appears. If written wrongly an idication of incorrect appears. Until the correct answer is written according to the colour question object that is appeared.

This apps helps children to identify & pronounce colours.

This app allows your child to identify colours by pressing on appeared buttons to change colours.

Let your child practice to be able to identify colours with this app. Every colour button pressed pronounces the name of the colour.

Let your child explore sounds of animals on this app to be able to identify different animal sounds. As there are some animals we humans do not think that they communicate. Just because their sounds is very low to human hearing.

Our bouncing colours app bounces primary & secondary colours for children to identify the correct colours.